Some words from SomeSoap users and testers!

Dwayne W. writes:
SomeSoapWorks product is a refreshing change from the norm. I’m not allergic to anything and pretty much take no notice of what I use to clean up with, but a friend recently gifted me with a bar of handmade soap, and for once, I noticed. It was a fresh smell and clean feeling that I quite enjoyed. I even found it useful to shave with! Alas, my pleasure was short lived, as my wife has laid claim to my bar. I guess this is an opportunity to try some other flavors.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I love the different soaps you sent me. So far my favorite is the oatmeal and honey but I am still working through the samples. Wishing you well in the venture as we need more natural items to use instead of all this stuff that makes my allergies and migraines go nuts.

  2. Been using the Oatmeal soap for some weeks now as kitchen hand soap. It’s perfect for cleaning up after cooking. Leaves my hands feeling smooth & lovely.

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