Welcome, Something GUD customers!

Local and sustainable, delivered right to your door!

Local and sustainable, delivered right to your home!

This week, local food delivery company Something GUD added Somerville Soap Works soap to the list of awesome stuff you can have delivered right to your door anywhere in the city!  Box recipients got a sample of our 1630 Simply Clean soap to give it a try!

something gud pix

We wanted to take just a moment to say hello and welcome to the Something GUD community, and to give a little more information on the soap than you can find on the label.  I often get people coming to me to recount their own difficulties with allergies or chemical sensitivities, or their discomfort with the globalized, industrial food system, and the Simply Clean is my go-to option for those folks.  There is nothing “plain” about it but you can’t get more basic than this one!

This is the simplest soap I make.  In its basic form, as my “Simply Clean” soap, it has only three ingredients: pure olive oil, and the distilled water and lye needed for the chemical reaction to produce soap.  If you have allergies, or are concerned about a gentle soap to use on sensitive skin (like that of babies or those with chemical sensitivity), you can’t get more basic than this.  With the benefit of modern chemistry, we are able to make precise calculations and exactly control the proportions of these ingredients, but in essence this is no different from the soap that humans have been making for millennia (we have evidence of this from centuries before human civilizations had developed writing, thanks to residues left inside clay pots and jars!).

If you’d like to learn more, just check out the explanation of my soap lines, starting here with the first installment.  Something GUD will be carrying two varieties of the 1630 soap: the Simply Clean, which is perfect for those who are looking for a pure, clean soap with no additives, preservatives, scents or coloring agents to irritate the senses or bring on an allergic reaction, the Oatmeal & Honey, with toasted ground oatmeal for a gentle but effective exfoliation and pure local honey to soothe and smooth after!  For decades people have used oatmeal and honey for natural skin treatment, thanks to their many beneficial properties.  The 1630 Oatmeal & Honey brings both together for a great soap that even my friends with psoriasis and eczema report is gentle enough not to aggravate their skin!  Both have the same lush, creamy, clean-rinsing lather that is characteristic of castile soap, and both use only pure olive oil to achieve that lather, avoiding the problems caused by coconut oils (which a growing number of people are allergic to) and palm or palm kernel oil (which many people find questionable due to the role played by large-scale oil palm plantations in tropical deforestation).

So, welcome to the Something GUD community!  We hope you enjoy your sample!

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