Sudsy Love and Slippery Transactions

We’ve been so busy around here since our debut at the Somerville Local First market at Arts at the Armory that we’ve barely had time to breathe!  So much sudsy love headed our way – who doesn’t love luxurious moisturizing soap, and plenty of folks in the area love to be able to source their luxuries locally!

We’ve also been working on a new soap based on a number of requests, so watch this space for an announcement very soon!

In the meantime, if you listen to podcasts, I recommend KQED’s feed, especially the short form Perspectives podcast, which offers the chance for regular folks to share humorous and poignant stories and essays from their own perspective.  It’s always fun, but today’s episode is right in our dish…  the soap dish, that is!

(mmmmm…  cinnamon clove gives me lots of ideas…)

And, by the way, if you need a “fix”, you can get all your ‘dirty’ needs met via our Etsy shop!

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